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The first page of our history was written as early as the 1930s


It was then that our founder, Rudi Kemfors, originally from Germany, arrived to Tomelilla, a small community in southern Sweden. He got a job at a local brush factory where he worked his way up to become a very successful salesperson. This gave him unique insight into the Swedish cleaning industry, and he decided to found his own sales company in 1947; he named the company Klimabolaget.

Success came very quickly. The first big seller - a wooden dish brush - was launched in 1950. Other early big sellers consisted of products such as brooms, buckets, bath brushes and microfibre cloths. Klimabolaget quickly established itself as an innovative player and many of the company's early products are still marketed today.

A life's work continues
Rudi Kemfors passed away in 1964, and management of the company was handed over to his 21-year old son Gunnar. Gunnar ran the company for over 40 years, and while in charge he continued to develop the company's products and networks. It was also under his management that the first million products were launched on the market. One of the first was a plastic dish brush, which was followed by a number of other successful products.

The company had grown by the end of the 1980s, and the third generation got involved. Today Rudi's descendents both own and run the business. The number of products has grown, the market is bigger and the company's innovative bent has continued to reap results. Thus the history of one man's life work lives on, and the final page has yet to be written.