Our business huvudbild

A small company with a great deal of know-how


Klimabolaget's primary focus is always on Nordic homes. Our company's driving force is grounded in that focus, and having a firm understanding of the market's needs allows us to offer superior products.

We have a great deal of experience from supplying and developing household products, and our broad network of manufacturers encompasses 15 countries. This enables flexible production - both for our own product development and for that of our customers. We have thousands of items in stock, and a large number of lorries depart from our warehouse in Staffanstorp every day.

However, we are also a knowledge-based company, and oftentimes it is that knowledge specifically that is most valuable to our customers. Our sound understanding of production combined with our expertise in logistics is often the key to successful business. Being sensitive to our surroundings allows constant replenishment of our knowledge bank, and we are more than happy to share our know-how.


Our products are currently marketed at e.g.:

Ica, Coop, Willys, Hemköp, Citygross, Netto, Eko, Gekås, Rusta, Clas Ohlson, Bo Ohlsson, Jula, Jem & Fix, Harald Nyborg, ÖB, Dollarstore and Granngården.