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Frida has helped homes stay nice and clean since 1947. Frida offers a comprehensive, sound and innovative cleaning range for consumers and professionals that enables great cleaning results in the simplest possible manner. The range was designed to cover all cleaning item needs. The products have been carefully selected to meet high demands on quality and function.

Frida Clean
Clean is Frida's most cherished product area. The products consist of dish brushes, mop sets, microfibre cloths, dish cloths, dust pan sets, sponges, brooms and much more.

Frida Hygiene
Hygiene represents Frida's slightly softer side. Amongst other things, the range consists of paper tissues, cotton buds, bath sponges and bath brushes.

Frida Storage
Frida also helps keep homes organized with its Storage range. The range consists of storage boxes in various sizes and colours, plastic crates with or without lids, thermal boxes, assortment boxes, plastic baskets and more.