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SINCE 1947

Klimabolaget is a modern company with a long history. Our range of services primarily encompasses cleaning products, but also extends to areas such as storage, hygiene, car care and much more. We are also a knowledge company and on many occasions our knowledge has specifically made a difference. Our understanding of production and logistics is often the key to profitable business.


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The story of Klimabolaget began with a wooden brush. Ever since we started out in 1947, we have remained true to our original concept, which was to consider the environment and make use of the decorative and functional properties of wood as a material.

Our cleaning products made from the finest wood include traditional scrubbing brushes, washing-up brushes and nail brushes. All our wood products are of the very highest quality.


Frida städ

Beautiful pattern
and clean design

Soft, consistent colors and a beautiful retro pattern make Frida’s new cleaning collection a fine design element in every home. These are cleaning products that it feels quite right to hang out and show off.

Cloths, towels, washbasins and cleaning towels? available in the range. The material is the finest microfibre with high liquid absorption, making it easy to dry and keep clean without chemicals.

Where can you find our products?

Our products are sold in department stores around Sweden. We help you find what is closest.

Frida SPA

Frida SPA

Skin and hair care with extra nice products.

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Frida Laundry

Frida Laundry

Natural assortment for beautiful laundry days.

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Colorful collection with fun designs.

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Our brands

Clean and nice,
order and ready

Klimabolaget offers a comprehensive, healthy and innovative range of cleaning products for consumers and professionals.
The products are carefully selected to meet high demands on quality and function.

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Mjuka, vårdande artiklar i mikrofiber utgör basen i Fridas SPA-sortiment. Turbaner, ansiktsdukar, hårband och pads till make-up är några av produkterna. Mikrofiber är snällt mot håret och du tar du bort make-up och smuts utan onödiga kemikalier.

Våra produkter säljs i butiker runt om i Sverige. Gå in på vår hemsida så hjälper vi dig att hitta den som ligger närmast.
Med vackra färger och mönster blir Fridas nya sortiment en vacker detalj i hemmet. Fridas städprodukter tillverkas i finaste mikrofiber och sortimentet finns i städdukar, diskunderlägg och handduk. Mikrofibrerna gör att produkterna håller rent och fint utan kemikalier.
Mikrofibrer har en fantastisk förmåga att suga åt sig smuts och andra partiklar. Vi använder de bästa mikrofiberkvaliteterna till våra dukar och de är dessutom Svanenmärkta.
Jobbigt att damma lamporna i taket? Med vår dammvippa på skaft blir det lättare. Den är gjord i finaste mikrofiber med och är dessutom böjbar. Våra produkter finns runt om i Sverige, gå in på vår hemsida så hjälper vi dig att hitta närmsta butik.
Vackra städredskap i naturmaterial. #fridanature
Enviroment & responsibility

A green better world

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Sales support

An effective shop stand

At Klimabolaget, we have extensive experience of the way in which sales channels work. We offer ready-made sales solutions in the form of shop stands and specialist shelves.

We can also provide advice regarding range adaptations and store exposure for cleaning and other products and assist in optimising shop sales.


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