Washable & Natural

With roots in Swedish craft tradition, we know how a clothesline and a washclamp should be created to do the job. We also know that usability must be combined with environmental responsibility. Often this means taking a step back and using simple, natural materials without unnecessary chemicals and with as high a recycling rate as possible.

Everything for the laundry

Laundry baskets, clotheslines, clamps

Quickly and easily, clothes and fabrics should be sorted, washed, hung up and folded. Without unnecessary hassle and with the least possible extra work.

Therefore, Frida has developed a collection of functional laundry baskets, washcloths and washclips, in strong materials and with a long service life. Which makes it easy to work rationally.

Practical things when washing

Basket for laundry clamps

A practical basket that can be hung on the laundry line makes it easy to have the clamps nearby when hanging laundry.

Nature-friendly clamps

Washing clips in wood

A washclamp is definitely not the same as the other. Ours are manufactured in FSC-certified wood, which is a guarantee that it comes from forests managed in accordance with FSC’s rules for responsible forestry.

If you look extra carefully you also see how well built they are. So we did our laundry clamps already in 1947 and we still do today.

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Svanenmärkta mikrofiberdukar som med unik uppsugningsförmåga effektivt absorberar smuts och vätska. Rengör alla hårda ytor. Använd torr eller våt.
Att skapa diskborstar med hög funktionalitet ligger oss varmt om hjärtat. Våra prisvärda Trend-borstar håller bra kvalitet både på borst och skaft.
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Ansiktspads i finaste mikrofiber tar bort make-up och smuts utan onödiga kemikalier.

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En hederlig mattpiska! Träning och rena mattor samtidigt - perfekt!
Torka din hund torr med en hundduk av mikrofiber i finaste kvalitet. #detbästaförhunden #hund #mikrofiber #hundens
Städa snabbt med Frida spraymopp! Du slipper både hink och rengöringsmedel. Fyll först flaskan med rent vatten. Spraya vatten på golvet genom att klämma ihop handtaget överst på skaftet. Moppa upp vattnet med mikrofibermoppen. Klart!!.
#klimabolaget #frida #städtips
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